A true hero of conscience, a leader in the search for a new reality”

Paul Auster

“I hope you can hear the thunderous applause that there is for him from every corner of this globe”

Judith Butler

“His is a difficult path, but there is none more honorable.”

Noam Chomsky

“Heralding a new paradigm, […] a fierceness, a devotion, a commitment and intensity to challenge society”

Eve Ensler

“A brave example to all who long for peace.”

Ken Loach

“His heroism contributes to the redemption of us all.”

Tony Kushner

Shimri Zameret is an activist, an award winning writer and a public speaker. Zameret is currently a lecturer and researcher in the University of Michigan. His research focuses on the strategy used by social movements to change global governance.

Zameret had spent two years in an Israeli prison as a war resister, set up the first tent in Occupy London, co-founded the joint annual Palestinian-Israeli memorial ceremony, helped organize the first Camp for Climate Action and counter-G8/G20 protests in Japan, Germany, Mexico and Italy.

Zameret published essays, Op-Eds and was interviewed about his work in the New York Times, The Guardian, CNN, Financial Times, BBC, Folha de São Paulo, Haaretz, The global Journal, Amnesty Journal, Open Democracy, New Internationalist, and CNN, among others. Links to some of these are in the media page.

Zameret was born in Palestine-Israel, in a Kibbutz located 13 miles from the city of Nazareth. Today he lives near Detroit in the United States with his partner the Brazilian sociologist Luciana de Souza Leão, and their daughter. In his free time he likes to hike and play music.